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Nature Scapes
Contact Information
313 Old Brick Rd, Bunnell, FL 32110-6319
Tel: 386-437-2045    Fax: 386-437-3766

Contact: Marylou Baiata, Owner

Submitted by: baiata1 on Jan-26-2012
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Patron Reviews for Nature Scapes

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by MUSTANG MIKE on Jun-10-2015 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     Nature Scapes did an absolutely outstanding job of landscaping my yard. I would highly recommend them. Chris Baiata is an extremely knowledgeable horticulturist. He recommended and installed a very attractive and natural landscape which has added a great deal to the beauty of my yard. The service after the sale is exceptional.   These are definitely the people to use when you want professional landscaping done.   

RATED 4  Star Rating - Well Done - Would Use Again (4 stars) by CHRISREYNOLDS on Apr-23-2015 Report Abuse
Well Done - Would Use Again     We recently had ~40 plants put in. We were very pleased with the recommendations and planning by Chris Baiata (owner), who was extremely knowledgeable about all our current plants, potential issues, and suggestions for the additions we wanted. We were also very pleased with the plants themselves and the work done by their team in planting them.† The workers were really superb - fast, efficient, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. Very easygoing, and gave good input as we were finalizing locations for all the plants.   Overall, we're very pleased with the work and would gladly recommend them. †

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by HULLDL on Sep-15-2014 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     Chris brought movement, fragrance and beauty to a part of our yard that was nothing but neglected for so long. He designed a beautiful pathway with Pennsylvania blue fieldstone, ornamental bushes and grasses. At first I was just happy with the install. After a few weeks the plants came into their own. The pittosporum came into bloom and filled my whole yard with a beautiful scent. Tall balls of floating white flowers dance in the wind, and mondo grass sneaks out from between fieldstone. Not this is my haven of shade, silence and peace on the way to my herb garden, backyard and dock. My neighbors have all asked for the name of our contractors. Now I cannot wait to see what Chris designs for the edible forest in front.

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by FREEBIRD on Jul-19-2014 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     This is the place- plants, trees, flowers, and birds- a paradise! I have been working with Chris and Mary Lou at Nature Scapes since late April 2014. Soon I will meet Robbie as I am contemplating pavers. I visit Nature Scapes often because I like to look at their well-kept plants and trees and I love their avian friends. I am an avid aviculturist by passion, a teacher by profession, and now a homeowner. Slowly, Nature Scapes is transforming my yard into a paradise for wild birds as well as a lovely and colorful space for me and my guests to enjoy. Iíve bought a number of trees and bushes. Nature Scapes did a lovely hedge for me, which give my property definition and privacy. Chris is a Cal-Tech educated horticulturist. He is knowledgeable, but never pushy. I have my own ideas and tastes. He is always respectful, but will tell me if something I want wonít grow in my yard. You can visit Nature Scapes on line @, but better yet, visit in person!

RATED 2  Star Rating - Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk (2 stars) by USAPN on Jun-07-2014 Report Abuse
Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk     Most of my landscaping was done by Nature Scapes. Initially it seemed satisfactory, now, a few years later I realize that trees were planted to close together and to close to my home. Apparently they do not accept the University of Florida's concept of "the right plant in the right place". Initially I thought I was not caring properly for some of my plants that died. Now that I have purchased the same plants from other nurseries I am finding, that with the same care, they are thriving. Without provocation the owner can be extremely rude and condescending. I apologize to those residents to whom I recommended Nature Scapes. Please be assured that I will no longer do so.

RATED 1  Star Rating - Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware! (1 stars) by SETTLE2000 on Jan-25-2014 Report Abuse
Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware!     This is the second time that we have employed Naturescapes to perform landscaping services. The actual work performed was satisfactory. However, they placed a sign advertising their company in our yard. This is a violation of the HOA where we live. Since they do a great deal of work here, I am sure they were aware. Not likely to be an issue during actual work. However, we left on a 3-4 week trip and when we came home we had a certified letter from the HOA advising us that we were being fined for this unauthorized sign which was still there when we returned home. When we contacted the HOA we were told they had called Naturescapes at least twice and were ignored and told they would not remove the sign. This is unprofessional conduct and unacceptable due to the impact on us the customer. WE WOULD NOT USE THEM AGAIN. We emailed them our complaint, but received no response.

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by MADELEINE on Feb-01-2012 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     We met Chris at the 2011 Home Show. Our yard was a disaster due to neglect when we bought our home with nothing but weeds basically. Chris came over numerous times to measure and draw up a plan that would be acceptable to us. He and Marylou both have been very professional and willing to help or give advice as required. We couldn't be happier with the service. As newcomers to Palm Coast, I feel we were lucky to have found this wonderful company.

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by 'PICK ME!' PUPS on Nov-22-2011 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     I absolutely love this place! The staff are wonderful, and it is a treat to visit this place!

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by CATHANDSTAN on Jun-22-2006 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     Nature' Scape's have just finished doing a landscaping project for us and we are very pleased with the end result. Everyone we dealt with were very professional. Bill Campinella planned the project and Tracy Larson and his team executed it to perfection. Would most definitely recommend them, and would most definitely use them again.

RATED 4  Star Rating - Well Done - Would Use Again (4 stars) by LORRAINE-1 on Jul-26-2004 Report Abuse
Well Done - Would Use Again     NatureScapes did a great job with the design of my property. They were slow to finish, but may have been because it was during the Christmas holiday season. They do try very hard to satisfy the customer. MaryLou and Bill are really nice people. They are open to the public for the purchase of the smallest of plants. And have a wonderful florist, also open to the public. They have beautiful garden fountains right on their site to purchase. Would use then again

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