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TOP : Food & Drink : Restaurants - Cafes & Bar-B-Q : State Street Diner


State Street Diner
Contact Information
603 N State St, Bunnell, FL 32110-6001
Tel: 386-437-0700   

Contact: Peter Hopse, Owner

Submitted by: ListManager on Aug-03-2003
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4 3006  -2 
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50.0% 2.5 Stars

Patron Reviews for State Street Diner

RATED 1  Star Rating - Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware! (1 stars) by DAISY MAE on Mar-09-2011 Report Abuse
Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware!     don't go there lousy food,owner is a real a---h--- food is frozen trying to pass off as fresh.waitress is always smelling like booze!!! they should close their doors and do us all a favor.

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by REGISTERED USER on Aug-07-2008 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     If you have not lived in Flagler long? This place has done a 180. The new owners have done a wonderful job updating everything! It takes time to clean up after a business that did nothing for many years. It is really nice to go in and sit down in a very cool restaurant and have a very well prepared meal. The prices may seem a little high for the Bunnell area, but you are getting what you pay for. Good Job! I highly recommend the STATE STREET DINNER! )

RATED 3  Star Rating - As Expected - OK to Recommend (3 stars) by FED UP on Mar-23-2007 Report Abuse
As Expected - OK to Recommend     Yes, I have been ordering take out food for the lunch and the food has been excellant. The staff is very nice and welcoming. They are redoing the place inside and it looks really good. I recommend you stop in and give it a try... and see the new change.

RATED 1  Star Rating - Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware! (1 stars) by AXODIS on Mar-01-2006 Report Abuse
Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware!     This place was pathedic!! Me and my buddy went there on our lunch break, us and one other table. Kid taking our order made the first mistake by not writing our orders down. My sweet tea wasnt sweet, my bacon cheeseburger I ordered didn't have bacon on it and I ordered it with no mayo, and guess what, it had mayo on it. Then I ordered fries with it, and my buddy had the same thing. Well, kid brings us out 1 plate of fries, and we asked if that was 2 orders and he said no, just the one...So there again he messed up. Then the topper. I take a bite into my burger, after I got my bacon, I think it's pretty juicy until I notice the juice is a bit..Red. I thought tomyself this place couldnt possibly be ANY worse. But then we get the bill.The bill is wrong. I sent my not so cooked burger back, the kid writes the friggin thing down on the bill I guess and trys to charge us for 3 burgers, then chanrges us for 2 orders of fries, and well, we never got that 2nd order of fries. So screw this place!

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