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TOP : Food & Drink : Delis, Subs and Sandwiches : Carribbean Treats


Carribbean Treats
Contact Information
4996 Palm Coast Pkwy, W. Ste 1, Palm Coast, Fl 32137
Tel: 386-447-7386   

Contact: Marie

Submitted by: ListManager on Aug-10-2005
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Patron Reviews for Carribbean Treats

RATED 1  Star Rating - Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware! (1 stars) by DWRIGHT32 on Feb-15-2011 Report Abuse
Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware!     I really don't like saying things like this, but after the way I was just treated I feel I have to. I walked into this place because I love spicy food and I was told to go there and get some spicy beef pastries and to make sure I ask for them to be fresh. I go there, walk in, and a elderly man kinda gave me this "What are you doing here" look. I brushed it off and asked for 2 spicy beef patties to be made fresh. The guy says that these are as fresh as I'm gonna get them. Okay? So I took it, sat down and ate them and could tell right away they were not fresh. They were hard from sitting out who knows how long, and cold! As I finish my "lunch" a, and I'm sorry to have to say this, black man walks in a literally orders the same thing as me except he got 3 of them. The customer asked for them to be made fresh because the ones on display looked old. Without hesitation the guy goes in the back and makes fresh ones and brings them out. Is it because I'm white?? I'll NEVER GO AGAIN!

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