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TOP : Personal & Family Services : Fitness & Nutrition : Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club


Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club
Contact Information
73 Patricia Drive, Palm Coast, Florida 32137
Tel: (386) 446-6717    Fax: 386-446-6726

Submitted by: ListManager on Sep-19-2006
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Patron Reviews for Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club

RATED 2  Star Rating - Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk (2 stars) by TENNISPLAYER1 on May-20-2013 Report Abuse
Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk     I joined not long ago. It said they were open until 7 on Sundays. To my surprise, when I got there, at 4, the pool was closing for a party. The other members said the party was so the club could make extra money. I just enrolled because they were open until 7pm. I can't get in the sun and need to go in the evening. I have noticed that the pool staff will let members know that they want to go home early, and let you know they want you to hurry up and leave. Quite unprofessional. The lifeguards are very nice to parents and kids getting lessons, because they get extra money for this as well. They are not as pleasant to members who keep them from going home early. If you are not welcome/asked to leave early, you are not going to stay. More than once I have seen them close 20 mins. early, with staff happily going home. Needs improved employee management at night with employee professionalism training. Day shift seems more supervised. Prices not cheap except for seniors. Hours change often.

RATED 2  Star Rating - Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk (2 stars) by 1NICELADY on Oct-03-2011 Report Abuse
Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk     The staff is rude, pushy, and LOUD and complaining. The hours change on a whim, without warning, and quite often. Once you get a routine going, suddenly the hours change. SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS THEY CLOSE THE GYM AT 4PM! THESE ARE DAYS WHEN WORKING PEOPLE OR CHURCH GOERS HAVE THE MOST TIME! Beware, once you buy your membership, there are no refunds. And the hours could change right after you buy. This used to be a great place. They kept the pool heated at the same temperature year-round, 86 degrees. and they posted the temp. each day. No more. You have no idea what the pool temp. is and they don't keep it heated at 86. If there are not many people there any time past 5, some staff like to verbally push people out of the gym or out of the pool so they can go home early. If it's after a thunderstorm, but it has cleared up, call first to see if they are open because they often close the place early. the nice people don't go as often as they used to. Not a good buy if you work 9-5

RATED 4  Star Rating - Well Done - Would Use Again (4 stars) by PALM COASTER on Sep-19-2006 Report Abuse
Well Done - Would Use Again     This is the best and most reasonably priced fitness center I have found in the Palm Coast area and the only one with a huge pool and tennis courts! The staff is always friendly and helpful as are the clients. It's a warm, relaxed atmosphere and you can't beat the price. A flat membership fee, nothing extra. It doesn't include classes, but they're relatively cheap. The best thing, it's not flashy (nor are the people), just a down to earth gym with people doing thier best to get in shape. I have never been more comfortable working out. It's mostly older adults and some parents bring their kids for classes or to the kiddie pool. This is a great place. They're also building a new facility. (see grapevine forum). Membership is available by the month, 3 months, 6 months and I year. The year is cheapest of course. You can use the tennis courts, pool or gym for a daily fee if you're just visiting. They also have the Silver Sneakers Program. I've checked out the rest, this is the best by far!

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