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TOP : Shopping & Retail : Computers & Electronics : Computer Urgent Care [CLOSED]


Computer Urgent Care [CLOSED]
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Closed | No Longer in Business,

Contact: This business is closed

Submitted by: Computeruc on Feb-14-2007
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Patron Reviews for Computer Urgent Care [CLOSED]

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by RICHUSA on Oct-05-2007 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     I was pleased with both services: Taking it in to the store, the technicians spent A LOT of time explaining things to me and listening to my convoluted story of what was happening to my computer. They also did the work in the most cost-effective manner. I really appreciated the technician who came to fix the wireless problem, he avoided calling Netgear (usually a 40-minute wait) and was able to explain and work at the same time. He really was knowledgeable and shared his knowledge. Stan did a great job. We appreciate having someone who is so knowledgeable.

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by YOSSARIAN on Sep-20-2007 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     Gizmo is a classic IBM Thinkpad T20 (old laptop) whose hard drive had crashed and burned. I went to NetFx and it was a week before my laptop was returned to me with the advice to sell it for parts on eBay. I strongly doubt that anyone ever opened the case because there was no suggestion to replace the hard drive or attempt data recovery. All of the scratches on the black case were not over the hard drive. Larry offered a refurbished laptop or a new machine. I told him that there was nothing wrong with the system, I just had a bad hard drive. I paid the $35 fee and left in search of an experienced technician. I went to Computer Urgent Care and the hard drive problem was diagnosed within a few seconds of booting the machine and it was suggested that I replace the hard drive. Data recovery was expensive and I deferred the expense. The 120GB hard drive was ordered, installed & a week later I picked up Gizmo in working order. I am typing this review on Gizmo. Computer Urgent Care ROCKS!

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