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TOP : Construction & Remodeling : Flooring, Tile & Carpet : John Morelli Tile LLc


John Morelli Tile LLc
Contact Information
32 Lindberg Lane, Palm Coast, Fla 32137
Tel: 3864475760    Fax: 3864475760

Contact: John

Submitted by: JOHNMMORELLI on Feb-14-2007
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Patron Reviews for John Morelli Tile LLc

RATED 4  Star Rating - Well Done - Would Use Again (4 stars) by MOONBEAM on Nov-21-2010 Report Abuse
Well Done - Would Use Again     I recently had John Morelli Tile do some patio pavers and minor repairs in my kitchen back splash as well as tile a hallway/sitting room.The work detail was above standard.True John does expect scheduled payments but I find it hard to believe anyone has had a problem with this company....Exceptional work/Puntual/All job areas were cleaned and hazard free AND he removed debri for free!! Thank You again JOHN Morelli Tile!!!

RATED 4  Star Rating - Well Done - Would Use Again (4 stars) by ELA12 on Jul-24-2010 Report Abuse
Well Done - Would Use Again     We are very happy with our new tile in our shower cabin. Mr. John Morelli did an excellent job. We even didn't have to clean up after his work. Thanks Mr. Morelli. Keep up the good work!

RATED 1  Star Rating - Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware! (1 stars) by INTELLIBUILD on Dec-05-2007 Report Abuse
Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware!     Please beware. This tilers work was good, however he walked off the job having been paid 80% but having completed less. We were consistantly asked for early payments, we agreed up to the first 80% but wanted to follow our contract, the inside was meant to be finished up before he got the next 10% and then after the kitchen backsplash the final 10% was due. As per the contract I paid him using cheques but that was not good enough. On walking out this week, he told me he would lien our property for nearly 3 times the outstanding amount, plus the contract was null and void on the day he arrived (yeah right, so why did he sign it??). He was pleasant unless he wanted money early, which I was dubious about, having already made contractual amendments to oblige him. However on saying "No" he was very unpleasant, rude & disrespectful. He was consistantly late on the job & nothing is ever his fault, not good with authority, which sadly means anyone in control of his payment. Good Luck!

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