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TOP : Auto, Marine & Transport : Automotive Parts & Equipment : Southeast SPL, LLC - (NEW OWNERS) Car audio and video


Southeast SPL, LLC - (NEW OWNERS) Car audio and video
Contact Information
4601 E Hwy 100, Ste C-1, Bunnell, FL 32110
Tel: 386-313-1947   

Contact: Micheal Mabry or Justin Tambasco

Submitted by: ListManager on Feb-07-2012
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Patron Reviews for Southeast SPL, LLC - (NEW OWNERS) Car audio and video

RATED 2  Star Rating - Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk (2 stars) by CHAARLES on Aug-07-2013 Report Abuse
Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk     What should have been a simple installation of a sirius/xm radio turned into three hours of effort and no connection to the xm network.    After leaving the shop I called the manufacturer to discuss the problem. He correctly identified that they had used the wrong wire to connect the xm unit to the box that integrates the xm with the cars sound system - even though the correct wire is clearly labeled as the one to be used. I voice mailed and emailed them with that information and indicated a willingness to let them try again. I never heard back. I had to take the car elsewhere to have the wiring done correctly, which took a qualified installer only 45 minutes.

RATED 3  Star Rating - As Expected - OK to Recommend (3 stars) by FLBEACHBUM on Jun-25-2012 Report Abuse
As Expected - OK to Recommend     The guys at the stereo shop asked me to post about my experience at their shop. Now I'm not one who would usually post online, whether good or bad, but I was so pleased with their service, price and the general atmosphere of the store, that I decided I would. I had been to that shop in the past, and was not real impressed, however AJ and Anthony were both a pleasure to deal with, they even offered me a bottled water while I waited for my truck. I know, not a big deal, but how many stores offer you anything while you wait?   When my car was completed, AJ spent a good 10 minutes explaining how things worked, and pointed out in the owners manual exactly where to look if I had forgotten, so overall I would have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the service and I will definitely be referring my friends and family to them in the future.

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by JOHN_FL on Jun-24-2012 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     I was a little worried when I read the comment above, but I needed my passenger door speaker replaced so I decided to give them a shot. First off, the guy Justin and Mike are no longer there (thank goodness), and the new guys who are there are fantastic. They seem to really know what they are doing in there. The older guy at the counter and the new installer knew everything about my car (toyota), and exactly what fit in the factory spots, and they had me in and out in a matter of minutes with my new speakers! They also have a nice showroom with lots of radios, dvd players, amplifiers and anything else car audio related, and by the way, the they also changed the name to The Stereo Shoppe (at least that's what's on the door now). I can honestly say, I wouldn't hesitate to bring my other car there (I may get myself a new in dash touchscreen for X-mas if my wife let's me Finally we have a good stereo shop in Palm Coast now (no longer driving to daytona!!)

RATED 3  Star Rating - As Expected - OK to Recommend (3 stars) by TONYLIGHT on Jun-24-2012 Report Abuse
As Expected - OK to Recommend     I stopped by Marvion Gardens (doing laundry - my washing machine decided to take a vacation...) and while I was killing time took a walk to the car audio shop. I hadn't there since the original owner sold it.I had seen the post about the abominable work that was being turned out by Mr. Tambasco and Mr. Mabry, but since I had time to kill I figured I would see what new radios were out. I was thrilled to find out that the shop has been taken over by two older guys that have been in the business a long time. My professional background is in electronics and had the chance to have a lengthy conversation about the product on display and what new features are being offered by what they had on display. They did mention that there has been a procession of people coming by to have their audio systems repaired from the last owners (Mr Tambasco and Mr Mabry) who have disappeared leaving behind many ticked off people. I'll leave another post in a week or two - after I have my radio replaced

RATED 2  Star Rating - Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk (2 stars) by GSUM1 on Mar-16-2012 Report Abuse
Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk     The installer and owner Justin put a puncture hole in my leather seat, a crack in my dash and cracked the brand new fuse box I had just bought for my vehicle. I watched him remove my radio to get to the back of it without any tools. They make special tools to remove headunits but he just pulled hard and yanked it out and let it dangle on its own delicate wires. Very unprofessional install. The amp stays on all of the time now instead of coming on just when the radio is turned on. In my opinion this shop is not professional what so ever. I have phoned them and told them of the damage and incorrect install but they have denied all and refuse to take responsibility for anything.

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