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TOP : Banking & Finance : Banks & Financial Institutions : Wachovia Bank (PC East)


Wachovia Bank (PC East)
Contact Information
222 Palm Coast Pkwy NE, Palm Coast, FL 32137-8217
Tel: 386-445-2175    Fax: 386-446-7484

Submitted by: ListManager on Aug-03-2003
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4 4224  -3 
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Patron Reviews for Wachovia Bank (PC East)

RATED 2  Star Rating - Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk (2 stars) by CUSTOMER on Jul-23-2009 Report Abuse
Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk     I have been a customer for 5 years. I specifically have a PO BOX for mailing purposes, but this bank sent my new Debit card directly to the physical street address. So typical of the so-called customer service in the corporate business environment. So little attention to details, getting things done right the first time, etc. I miss the personal touch of a local bank and will have to consider it in spite of not having as many ATM's available, THE ONLY reason I chose them to begin with. A better bank would be worth the ATM fees.   Oh yes, and of course, the very typical response that never changes anything and fixes nothing, "We're so sorry for the inconvenience." Inconvenience? No. Pathetic service? Yes. Sorry would mean you actually did something about it to prevent it from happening again to me or any other customer, but that does not happen because it all ends when the call ends. Don't be sorry. Be determined to improve your service, as if you were a new business.

RATED 1  Star Rating - Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware! (1 stars) by FL_G4TOR on Mar-11-2008 Report Abuse
Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware!     Be careful!! Very snobby people. Management treats you like you're an absolute nobody! I'll never set foot in that bank again!

RATED 4  Star Rating - Well Done - Would Use Again (4 stars) by SANTIBEL on Sep-18-2006 Report Abuse
Well Done - Would Use Again     The Reps are very nice and friendly, also very helpful. I am new to this branch, have been a customer for 5 years, in PA and NC. The fees are reasonable. After trying both branches. I highly reccomend this branch only.

RATED 2  Star Rating - Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk (2 stars) by JEFFKUSKE@HOTMA on Nov-23-2004 Report Abuse
Below Expectations - Try at Own Risk     We have used Wachovia and it's predecessor's for many years. The local staff is very friendly, but the overall bank strategy is awful. They reduced branch staffing and centralized customer service at the headquarters. If you need anything beyond simple deposits and withdrawals, the local branch people are virtually helpless without contacting corporate. You have to wait until they get approval for almost anything. You can call the corporate customer service line if you want, but don't expect them to remember you or offer anything special for your loyalty to the bank. Not to mention they have some of the highest fees of any other bank. We plan to move all our assets to a local bank that rewards loyalty.

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