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TOP : Construction & Remodeling : Home Builders : Stoughton Luxury Homes Inc [CLOSED]


Stoughton Luxury Homes Inc [CLOSED]
This Listing has NOT been approved for publication in the Business Directory.
Contact Information
802 Moody Blvd, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-3388
Tel: 386-586-5665    Fax: 386-586-5667

Contact: William P Stoughton, Owner

Submitted by: ListManager on Aug-03-2003
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4 5127  -4 
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25.0% 2 Stars

Patron Reviews for Stoughton Luxury Homes Inc [CLOSED]

RATED 1  Star Rating - Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware! (1 stars) by FLAGLERFOOL on Apr-28-2016 Report Abuse
Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware!     I wish I had consulted this site before making a costly and heart breaking mistake of contracting with Stoughton Luxury Homes. Despite the name, John Lynch is the principal of this firm. After one year of being part of his ponzi scheme, which involved constant excuses, delays, and lies, we fired him. At the time, the house was only a third completed. Turns out at least four other customers (that we know of) were being treated the same way and were yelling and screaming for Lynch to take care of business. Do yourself a big favor and dont ever give him your money.

RATED 1  Star Rating - Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware! (1 stars) by JOE BEACH on Jul-15-2015 Report Abuse
Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware!     Hope you are not under any time restraints if you choose this builder- he seems to have 3 speeds- slow, slower, slowest. I know that houses take a bit longer to build here in Florida, but, going on a year now with absolutely no end in sight. What was supposed to be the beginning of a dream has quickly turned into a bad dream! I sure hope that you select a builder with your interests at heart instead of someone who only cares about one thing-$$$. I hope you select a builder who fulfills his promises instead of excuse after excuse after another lame excuse. How I wish someone had given me this advise. Buyer Beware.

RATED 1  Star Rating - Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware! (1 stars) by SNOWEDOVER on Feb-15-2009 Report Abuse
Unacceptable - Watch Out, Buyer Beware!     Bill Stoughton built a house for my family. He did not finish the work and the doors he put on this multi million dollar property flew off in a tropical storm. The windows were broken by golf balls (this is an ocean front property - scared what would happen in a real hurricane) and the house looks chintzy and cheap. The floors (which were beautiful and expensive) were ruined by the doors when they blew open during the storm and he did not fix them. I feel sorry for my family and would never recommend this man and hope he goes bankrupt VERY soon. buyers beware. Run fast to someone else!

RATED 5  Star Rating - Top of the Line - Highly Recommended (5 stars) by SAENZ on Mar-28-2007 Report Abuse
Top of the Line - Highly Recommended     I love these guys!!!!!! John has got to be the most honest person I have ever met!!! Rose is a VERY hard working girl!!! I will ALWAYS suggest them!!! Keep up the good work guys!!

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